Wheels on the Bus

One of the most frequently sung children’s songs worldwide

“The Wheels on the Bus” is a very old American folksong, written in 1939. It is a popular children’s song across the world and is sung in many different languages. You can hear “The Wheels on the Bus” being sung in the U.S, across the whole of America, in Australia, in Canada, in the United Kingdom and across the whole of Europe. For the most part, the song is sung by children during a bus ride or on a trip. So that everyone can easily learn the song, we show the lyrics for “The Wheels on the Bus” along with the video.

“The Wheels on the Bus” has a very nice rhythm which is quick to memorize and all children can remember and sing it easily. It is based on the traditional British song, “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush” and this nursery rhyme is also included in our collection.

Jolly Baby Club offers your child the song “The Wheels on the Bus” in many different languages.

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