Nursery Rhymes

We have compiled for you a nursery rhyme list that is constantly growing and our collection of Jolly Baby Club videos for children expands on a weekly basis. Your little ones will have lots of fun with our videos; they can sing along and learn with our interactive songs.

Our main characters; David, Emma, Noah and their dog, Sir James, will guide the children through our stories with music and lyrics and will take them to many beautiful places.

All the children’s songs are appropriate for all ages. 1, 2 and 3 year-old children will be able to enjoy our videos just as much as older children. In our experience, we have found that even babies enjoy listening to our original and traditional children’s songs just as much as young children.

The videos in our nursery rhymes list contain a Jolly Baby Club song collection, including traditional nursery rhymes videos for children in both 2D and 3D animation and we have produced all of the films in brilliant HD quality. In addition to our animation videos, we also offer Nursery Rhyme videos in which real children are the characters.

Nursery Rhymes Videos

Here we have for you a choice of songs from the most famous nursery rhymes videos collection. To see the complete collection, please click here.

Wheels on the Bus

Jolly Baby Club also offers many themed songs in order to help the children learn their numbers, letters, shapes, colors and much more.

Music is a universal language that babies can understand right from birth, long before they learn their mother tongue. Songs and active games are an excellent benefit for babies in that they can help you and your baby to become a happy unit. For this purpose we have compiled a big collection of traditional nursery rhymes for babies.

From our many years of experience, we are certain that every mother who sings songs to their baby as part of their communication method is happy with their little one.

You will feel that this happiness is very quickly transmitted to your baby because, through singing, you and your baby will feel a sense of inner harmony. You will notice how your baby tries to move in time with the music. To experience this is something so wonderful and it makes both mother and child very happy.

Benefits for Babies: with Music

Our nursery rhymes benefits for babies in a variety of ways, for example, the songs can help to improve cognitive skills. Children and babies love to sing and dance and by doing so, they are learning to control the movement of their hands and feet. Also, with the help of our lullabies, your baby or child can settle down before bedtime. You can find our lovely collection of lullabies here.

Did you know that singing and dancing in unison brings hearts together?

To this day, many parents meet up in small groups with their babies and sing the lovely, old and popular Nursery Rhymes which were sung by their grandparents.