We have also combined our individual videos in order to offer you a complete video compilation of nursery rhymes. In this way, you are able to play the Jolly Baby Club nursery rhymes to the children for an hour, two hours or more, without a break, so that you have time to take care of your own activities.

There are nursery rhyme compilations for every topic and every occasion. Whether its lullabies, action songs, songs for a children’s party, for a birthday or as a collection of educational songs and videos, with our nursery rhyme compilations your child will have a lot of fun as well as long-lasting entertainment.

Nursery Rhymes without a break

It is not always possible to get internet connection everywhere. Therefore we have made it possible for you to download our playlists and compilations, so that you can still watch them offline on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, without an internet connection. For this option, search for the Jolly Baby Club shop, where you can buy and download all the films collectively or individually at a reasonable price.