Main characters

Main Characters from JOLLY BABY CLUB

Our main characters will accompany you through all the films. David, Emma, Noah and Sir James are close friends and will go with you to the most beautiful places and sing with you familiar as well as new children’s songs.


Have fun with David, our adventurer. He always has great ideas and will always find a solution in the videos if there is a problem to be solved, regardless of whether he is hanging around with you on Old Macdonald’s farm or together with you on the bus, whether he’s together with other animals, exploring the town or singing the song Wheels on the Bus.


Emma is a very kind and open-minded little girl. She wants to know everything and is always very curious. She cares greatly about her friend Noah and is always looking out for him and making sure that nothing happens to him on any of their funny adventures. She is very fond of her three friends because with them, every trip is a great adventure.


Noah is the youngest in the friendship circle. He really likes the children’s songs and sings all of them with great enthusiasm. He likes to be together with his friends David, Emma and Sir James and experiences the greatest adventures with them. Sometimes he even flies in his plane and rows across the lake with his friends. Through these adventures he learns lots of things: for example his ABCs, numbers, colours and shapes.


Sir James is the children’s best friend. Sir James is a small, sweet husky who accompanies his friends on all of their adventures. Unfortunately, the stupidest things always happen to him, because Sir James is somewhat clumsy. Sometimes he tumbles into the pond on hits his head on a tree.