Jolly Baby Club offers videos with animal songs for children, both young and old, to watch, listen to, sing along with, participate in, clap along to and dance to.

We offer your child classic and modern animal songs with our nursery rhymes. Whether it’s a monkey, a lion, a zebra or an elephant, all of the animals in our nursery rhyme videos are introduced by our funny main characters, David, Emma, Noah and Sir James.

There is no doubt that all children love animal songs and animal videos. Animal songs take up a large portion of our children’s songs. Many animal songs across the world are composed and produced specifically for children.

Through singing and dancing along to our animal songs, children can learn, for example, all the letters of the alphabet and in no time at all, and can do so in a fun and playful way.
Our animal songs are designed to be musically varied and are combined with the loveliest children’s songs. Therefore, there is something to suit everyone’s taste. Whether it’s a giraffe, an elephant, a lion, a zebra or a cow, nobody’s favourite animal will be left out of the songs or videos from Jolly Baby Club. The children will most certainly be able to spot their favourite animal in each of our videos.

Whether you want to use our songs to take a journey into the world of letters, numbers or shapes, we want to make sure your child learns something in an entertaining way. Examples of nursery rhymes which can achieve this are, “Old Macdonald had a Farm”, “Five Little Speckled Frogs”, “Five Little Monkeys” or “Ten in the Bed”. In order to see all of our animal songs and videos, please click here.