The Jolly Baby Club action songs and nursery rhymes combine new and old, unfamiliar and familiar: with action song videos, children can acquire important musical pedagogical skills. Your child will come to learn, in a playful way, the connection between the lyrics, music and movements.

All of the songs are listed alphabetically. With all the action songs, there is the opportunity to clap and sing along, make funny movements with your hands, dance and jump up and down. Babies as well as children will quickly learn to coordinate their hand and feet movements with the help of these songs. Your child will have lots of fun with our action songs and nursery rhymes and will meanwhile be unconsciously training their memory.

Music and movement are essential for the overall development of children. Your child will enjoy taking part in these activities and also learn that it is necessary to concentrate and have an awareness of one’s own body. Through the interactive nature of the Jolly Baby Club action songs for babies, both rhythmic ability and social skills are encouraged.

With our action songs from Jolly Baby Club, important musical pedagogical skills can be acquired. Children will learn in a playful way and of course, become aware of the link between music, lyrics and movement. Our action songs for children are really fun and they will not only be thoroughly enjoyed by the children on the one hand, but on the other hand will unconsciously train their memories.

We have compiled the most popular children’s songs for movement and dance. There are always specific movements or actions incorporated with these songs, which are really fun for the children and will also help them to notice and learn certain words. This is because the words will not only be associated with the music but will also be associated with the actions that go along with them.

Music and movement are essential for the overall development of children: enjoying activities, playful learning, concentration, training of rhythmic and social skills, these are all aspects which are encouraged through the interactive nature of our action songs.

Here is the entire playlist of our action songs in either 2D animation or 3D animation.