You have been there before, or not. Either way, shopping with kids can be a daunting task to do for parents. If you are like other parents in the world, you’ll agree that shopping with kids can be a nightmare. Your trip will not be a fun experience if your kids start to make scenes at the grocery store.

You can stay away from this. Here are top 10 survival strategies to be followed when you shop with kids.

Set the day and time

Setting the day and time for your activity with kids is important to get the best experience. For the visit, it is best to pick the day in which people are not overrunning the grocery store. Holidays and weekends might be the best time for the holiday, but they are not the right time for shopping. The grocery store can get crowded. It will make you difficult to shop around with your kids. It is also possible that your kids may cause a commotion in the store. Not all kids are used to the riot. Picking the weekdays can be a great idea since there will be fewer visitors to the grocery store.

Have a plan

Although grocery shopping sounds so simple, you will be surprised that there are tons of challenges coming through. You will need to have a good plan so that you can handle some problems.

Obstructions often come in your ways. You may need to check the weather condition of the day you go, the traffic information, the grocery store area, or any other useful information. When you go alone, you may be able to tolerate some worse situations, but not with your kids. You will also at least let others know that you are going with your kids. You can tell this to your friends or relatives. Also, ensure that you have someone you can call in case of an emergency. Preparing yourself for this will make you more prepared if something goes South.

Make the grocery list

In case you have set the date of your grocery shopping, you can take your time to make a list of items you want to purchase. The good thing here is that you can make the list when you have leisure time. Check your household stocks, refrigerator, kitchen board, wardrobe, etc to see what you are going to purchase. After doing this, you could also let your kids see the list. You could also include your kids’ stuff in the list. With this in mind, you will be able to shop around without disrupted by your kids. You won’t have to remember things because everything is listed there. Your grocery shopping will be less depressing.

Choose your favorite grocery store

If your primary objective is to purchase necessities, you can’t go wrong with your favorite grocery store. This will help you a lot to avoid any problem like getting lost, finding the parking lot, searching the right aisles, and so on. To avoid any inconvenience, you could visit a grocery store that you are fond of. Although you have made the list of items, the new problems can be great distractions since you also need to take care of your kids. Visiting your favorite store means that you already know where the things are displayed and you can fetch the items you want to purchase in no time.

Make sure your kids are well-fed and well-rested

A waspish child is a sleepy one. A thirsty and hungry one in the grocery store? Nightmare. Both of them are not qualified for a fun shopping experience. Tagging along your kids in a supermarket is a great idea to replace the family trip. However, you need to keep in mind that these two things (sleep and eat) are pivotal. Make sure your kids have had enough sleep and eaten in advance. This will keep their “time-to-snack” protests at bay.

Let your kids have their “seat”

Depending on which grocery market you visit, you could put your loved one in the seat on top of the grocery cart and strap them securely. Or, most recent grocery cart comes with kiddie car which your loved one can ride. This way, both you and your kids can go together when shopping the grocery items.

Pretend that your kids are ones who control the shopping route. You could initiate an easy conversation like “Do you know where is the drinks aisle? Take us there”. Let them know the role and they will pretend to be your professional driver.

Involve your kids in some tasks

When you give some small tasks to your kids, they will feel needed and important. This will make them feel responsible. Small tasks you give them can be fun and boost their moods. For instance, you could ask them to check the expiration date, select the best watermelon, and much more. Let your kids know that they have an important role in your family. Don’t forget to reward them with something.

Grant your kids rewards

Prior to the departure, you can offer your kids the rewards for well-behaving. You could offer them their favorite treats during the visit. If they forget to behave well, don’t punish them. Rather, remind them again of their promises. The rewards are not only physical stuff but also other things that your kids might like. You also need to be clear about the rewards. Don’t promise them something fancy or something that you can’t afford. You don’t want to make them disappointed in the end.

Allow windows shopping time

Kids and teenagers are easily bored. One of the best ways to keep them on the track is to allow them some windows shopping time. Assuming that your kids love to spend their time in the seat of the shopping cart or kiddie car, you may allow them to look for their favorite items and discuss the purchase with you.

Keep them occupied

It is another trick to kill the boredom. You could lend your iPod to your kids and let them listen to their favorite music. Or your kids may be interested to play some educational games for your tablet.

Visiting grocery store with your kids can be one of the best moments you’ll have with your kids. You may not know what will happen but you will be fine when you consider the tips above. Have a good day!

Your JollyBabyClub Team