Pregnancy Advice – Many people know that expecting a newborn can be a daunting task to do. Being aware of the dos and don’ts for your unborn baby will give you insight on how to successfully manage your pregnancy.

Of course, the most obvious things need to be avoided is the intake of smoking and alcohol. Mother’s eating habit is also important. There are the facts on what to do to deliver a healthy baby. It’s a pity that many people overlook even a tiny detail which can affect the baby health significantly. If you are really focusing on your pregnancy, you will do yourself and your baby a good favor.

You will want to do what mums usually do, which is protecting your baby, outside or inside the womb. You will want the best things for him or her. Here is top 10 useful pregnancy advice that you can consider to protect your baby.

Pregnancy Advice – Don’t do Smoking, alcohol, and caffeine

As mentioned, smoking and alcohol are off. We mentioned these the first time because many parents are not aware of this. Most men do have their time but cigarette smoking is banned. The fact that smoking increases the risk of your baby having low birth weight is good enough to put an end to this bad habit. Not to mention that it is not good for the doers too. Meanwhile, alcohol also poses some serious threats. There is no safe limit for taking it so you will need to stop it completely.

Some Dairy Products to Avoid

We didn’t mean all dairy products are banned. There are some products which you should avoid. Some cheeses can be dangerous to take. If you have no idea, it is important to remember that mold-ripened soft cheeses are forbidden. So, you could stay away from Camembert, brie, and others. Also, consider staying away from goats’ milk and goats’ dairy products. It is because most of them consist toxoplasmosis which is the parasite that is the factor of miscarriage, birth defects, and stillbirth.

Don’t do drugs

Whenever you feel bad or any other symptom, don’t be tempted to get the drugs from a nearby drugstore. Consult with your doctor. You shall not take the drug by yourself or the dealer off the streets. Some drugs cause the dehydration and can ignite miscarriage.

Avoid unclear treatment

If you are offered to follow certain treatments from your locals, think twice. Not all treatments are good for your baby. Instead, clarify these treatments with your doctor. You will only do other treatments if your doctor allows you to do so.

Mind Your Diet and Exercise

There is no complex thing to do in your diet. You just need to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. Then you could cut down foods with too much salt and sugar. Eat only nutritious foods which are good for your baby such as omega oils, nuts, seeds, etc. Also, don’t forget to take fruits and veggies on daily basis. During your pregnancy, don’t mind about your curve. Any attempt at weight loss will defect your baby.

Gone are the days when folks didn’t want to do exercises when pregnant. There is also time for you to make yourself healthier. Sign up for some exercises class for pregnancy. Exercise during pregnancy will improve your health, as well as the child in the womb. So, keep in mind to consider this. Consider moving to keep you flexible and firm.

Gynecologist is your guru

No matter how savvy you are when using the internet, you may or may not go to the wrong path when looking all information by yourself. We know it is tempted to find everything on the internet when you are pregnant. You may collect that information but don’t make further judgment or action without consulting to your gynecologist first. The truth is that your gynecologist is the most reliable person that you can count on when you are expecting.

Communicate with your body

Your body speaks for itself. So you will need to listen to it and respond it. This can be anything from your weight gain, to the change of diet. Listen to it and check what is happening with your body. Consult with your doctor if something goes off.

Rest a lot

It is good to be motivated and work at home. Knowing that you are expecting to make you passionate about anything. But you shall not forget that you are 2 people in your body now. You will spend a lot of energy. you will exhaust fast. Your heart’s content will change. You will need to handle it by resting a lot. Take a deep sleep every night. You really need it. 8 hours per day is great enough to stay healthy. If you have more time, you could take a nap on the daybed. Consider napping while listening to the classical music. This will relax your baby.

Do fun things and enjoy them

What they said about the baby observing your activity is true. Babies will memorize everything in the womb, although it is only in their subconscious. Get yourself fresh air in the morning. Take a walk a bit and speak to your baby. Do the fun things like reading, listening to the music, watching a movie. It is your responsibility to take care of your baby. One of the responsibilities is to have fun. When you’re happy, your baby will feel it.

Be ready anytime

You will hear many stories about how unpredictable the pregnancy is. Some have experienced good things, some got the worse. So you will need to be ready anytime. You are not alone. You have support from everyone who loves you. So make peace with the fact that your baby can come before 9 months of expectancy. When you are ready for both extreme and common cases, you will be golden. You are awesome!

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