It’s not a secret that you should go through the struggle to get your baby sleep, especially in the night. Having a baby always has various factors to consider and do, in fact, there are no certain theories to solve such problems. A night sleep is actually the greatest gift for parents especially those who have a newborn baby. Even though sleeplessness is inevitable, you still hope to get some ways to manage other activities or enough sleep. Parenthood can be exhausting as you can’t have your fixed sleeping as the baby sometime randomly wakes up, crying, needs supplies, and so forth. It’s actually natural as the babies has a short sleep cycle for about three to four hours that goes within 24 hours. This forces you to adapt with the cycle as you need to calm the baby down, fulfill their needs, accompany them, and so forth. However, there are actually ways that can help you to customize your baby’s sleeping behavior that allows you to get a proper rest, especially in the night.

1. Maintain a Quality Sleep Cycle

As previously mentioned, the baby sleeping cycle is short and goes within 24 hours. Thus, you need to maintain a quality sleep cycle plan for your baby. At this point, it’s important to set the cycle session away from your sleeping time. This might require you to keep the baby up for a while, longer than it should be. When your own sleeping time is going to come, you can let the baby sleep and that’s the time you can go to a sleep as well.

2. Maintain the Consistency to The Plan

As you get plan, you need to commit doing it. It will set a habitat where your baby lives in a cycle. As previously mentioned, a fixed schedule is very important. This environment will shape the habit of you as parents and the baby itself. A consistency will result in routine cycle that give both parents and baby a quality sleeping cycle.

3. Soothing Wisely

The baby actually has its own soothing time that may vary from three to ten minutes. This soothing time is actually their me-time that shouldn’t interrupted by artificial soothing which mostly comes from you as parents. The baby doesn’t always cry, it sometimes goes back to dream after being awaken, observing and looking around for a while. When you interrupt this behavior, the baby might be awaken for real and potentially ruin the schedule set before.

4. Consistent Environment Setting

As previously mentioned, that the familiar environment is the key to get your baby sleep in routine cycle. It’s actually a temptation to bring your baby to another environment like your room, other room, other boxes, or simply other positions. However, this is actually a contra-productive action done by several parents. Your baby will certainly realize the different and unrecognizable environment that makes them discomfort. This condition will result in baby’s crying and wake up steadily. If you want to take the baby with you, it’s better if you do it as the baby is still awake.

5. Play the Lullabies

Lullaby is actually a great invention from centuries. However, the popularity of the baby music hasn’t been well elaborated with other knowledge like cycle, behavior, and so forth. As you get a better knowledge about baby’s behavior and has set a fixed cycle based on the previous points, baby lullabies are the powerful weapon. It’s simply due to the fact that your baby has been used to live in rhythmic noises of your body organ when it’s in your womb. The Lullaby will do the similar job to sooth the baby and contribute to a maximum comfort of sleeping environment for your baby.

6. Bedtime Music for Pre-Sleep Activity

Pre-Sleep activity is actually important to bring a sign or mark for the baby. As the activity is conducted, the baby will gradually know that that’s the time for sleep. There are actually various pre-sleep activities but the Baby Lullabies is the greatest weapon especially when you’re agreed with the previous points. Bedtime music can be conducted for 15-20 minutes before the sleeping time. It’s very important to set a different playlist for bedtime music and lullabies. This will be helpful for baby to recognize the transition and fall for a sleep.

7. Pre-sleep Feed

Sometimes, you can combine the bedtime music with food in small quantities before you turn the playlist into lullabies. This will ensure the baby to sleep tightly without the possibilities to get interrupted due to lack of supplies as the baby lullabies do their hard works. However, don’t force to feed the baby if it potentially a waking up.

8. Determine the Day and the Night

The day and the night are the concepts that the baby doesn’t know as they’re in the womb. That’s your duty to determine when the time is the day and when the time is the night which is time to sleep. Pre-sleep activities can go different for the day and the night, for example, you can set different bedtime music list and lullabies list for both times.

9. Sleep with the Baby

Beside the lullabies, you can directly contribute to the comfort of the sleeping environment by sleeping with your baby. This will also support the implementation of sleeping schedule you’ve made before and enhance a secure and comfortable feeling.

10. Do the Evaluation and Improve

What you have set might not suitable for your baby. If the schedule is intolerable as the part of discipline, you can still have a large space in improving other aspects like baby lullabies list or types of pre-sleep activities. It’s also related to the setting, the baby might not really dislike certain lullabies, the baby might require a different equalizer setting. You need to maintain knowledge about your baby’s likes and dislikes, it may require some time to know what lullaby song he/she likes. Don’t worry, in the end, you’ll have a great weapon for this case. Your Jolly Baby Club Team